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Guardian is an application that allows parents to monitor the health of their children through a chip associated with them.

Project information
Type: Editorial Design
Year: 2017
Client: Politecnico di Milano - Academic project

Guardian is the result of a future scenario in which, after the COVID-19 outbreak, the awareness towards the epidemiological risk has grown esponentially.
In order to face the health risk generated from the growth of populace concentration in urban centers, every citizen is encouraged to monitor their medical conditions through a brain machine interface chip. This chips are capable of monitoring physical, mental and emotional parameters and they are connected to varoius apps, through which users can identify potential risks, such as contagious people in their surroundings.
Guardian is designed for parents but also for kids: the app for children plays like a game, so they can learn the proper norms and the value of responsibility, and at the same time, parents can constantly monitor their children's health and emotions.
guardian app
guardian app
guardian app